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Who we are Who we are
TAY-SEER Tax Agency is a registered auditing & accounting firm & a tax agency by the UAE financial authorities and enlisted with the UAE official-related authorities, like courts, major banks and the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). With our staff of more than 20 years experience in UAE financial regulations and solutions.
Our mission Our mission
Our mission is to aid in company’s Accounting and VAT complications for businesses throughout the UAE by providing from best of UAE’s Auditors, Accountants, Financial Advisors, and Tax Agents. With our deep knowledge in functional, operational and across various sectors (banks, contractors, suppliers, industrial, real states, insurance, share markets, sports, … etc.), we can help all sort of business levels (self-employed, start-ups, running new and old businesses, mergers, joint ventures, and many more.) to come with their business firm and strong. Our insight, skill, local understanding and passion enable us to handle administrative difficulties that other agencies can’t.
Why we are capable Why we are capable
We understand doing business in the UAE, from our nearly 20 years hands-on experience gained from helping clients throughout UAE has allowed us to gain knowledge, strong relationships, deep understanding and proficiency in diverse industries around the UAE.
Our in-depth understanding of the rules and procedures and strong ties in various sectors throughout the UAE benefit our customers in giving them the superiority over their vast and crucial business needs of today.
Whom we serve Whom we serve

• Oil & Gas
• Agriculture
• Architecture & Engineering
• Construction & Contraction
• Technology & Industrials
• Utility Providers
• General Trading & Shipping
• Waste Management
• Cleaning & Maintenance
• Real Estates Owners & Agencies
• Education Centers
• Insurance
• Financial Services & Consulting

Our proficiency in various businesses qualified us to be knowledgeable and an advantage that our clients can use.

TAY-SEER Services
1.	Operational, Financial and Tax Audits: 1. Operational, Financial and Tax Audits:
We ensure your books of accounts are correctly updated, by preparing and reviewing your company’s/projects’:

a. Financial statements

b. Balance sheets

c. Annual reports: profits and losses, fixed Assets, depreciation, backlogs, taxes, and cash flow

d. Shareholders’ equity statements

e. Books – Monthly, quarterly, and/or year-end – reviews and clean-ups

“According to Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 or the UAE Commercial Companies Law, every company is required to assign a licensed auditor that is registered under the Ministry of Economy for the auditing of their financial affairs.”

2.	Accounting and Tax Advisory and Reporting: 2. Accounting and Tax Advisory and Reporting:
We are a Certified Accounting Firm and Tax Agency

a. We help you optimize your payroll, organize your payments and petty cash against your receivals, track your revenue against your supplies, and settle your credit and debit adjustments

b. We help you avoid getting fined for your accounting and tax filling

c. We help you with legal matters regarding your accounting and taxes (reporting, court, disputes, etc.)

d. We help you optimize your VAT accounts to boost your tax payments recovery

e. We evaluate your business procedures, processes, and practices in line with Accounting and VAT requirements and advise you accordingly

“There are a couple of listed violations and respective penalties that were released in the provisions of Cabinet Decision No. 40 on Administrative Penalties for Violations of Tax Laws in the UAE that is adopted by the UAE Council of Ministers. Every single violation against the Federal Law No. 7 of 2017 on Tax Procedures, Federal Decree-Law No. 7 of 2017 on Excise Tax, and Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017 on Value-Added Tax (VAT) shall be fined in accordance with the provisions in the Cabinet Decision No. 40.”

3.	Tax Registration and Tax returns from residents and non-residents: 3. Tax Registration and Tax returns from residents and non-residents:
As per the criteria released by the Federal Tax Authority, all businesses with taxable supplies worth more than AED 375,000 need to register for VAT.

All businesses with taxable supplies worth more than AED 187,500 and less than the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000 may opt for voluntary registration for VAT.

Taxes paid by tourists can now be refunded to them at their departing port. While nationals of certain countries can obtain a Tax Residency Certificate from UAE.

4.	VAT Training: 4. VAT Training:
We train your teams on what the need to know about VAT and its impact on your business. We can give special training for each team depending on their field (management, traders, procurement, estimation/pricing, invoicing, logistics, etc.)
5.	Accounting, VAT, and Business “Software Solutions” 5. Accounting, VAT, and Business “Software Solutions”
                        – tailored for your business




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